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Sorry if I already replied :) but I just wanted to say thank you so much for that post! It means a lot to Sean. Just so you know Sean loves this site and you and everyone on Tumblr who supports him like you do, it means so much to him and our family. :)

and yes I really am his little sister :D
fyseanopry fyseanopry Said:

I almost don’t want to share this with anybody else :) I am beyond honoured and, if anything, makes me so glad I didn’t leave this blog to burn out like all the other Sean tumblrs I’ve seen before. It’s been a privilege to see how much Sean has grown up. Your family must be so proud of his work, and his work ethic is admirable to say the least.

So thank you, Shannon. I hope to see you around here again.

Hey I'm Sean's sister and in that picture were our uncle and grandma...My brother doesn't have a facebook, myspace, twitter, livejournal or anything. He doesn't feel its fair because he can't respond to everybody. He really appericates all the nice things ya'll say about him, and he wanted you too know that. But post that every facebook twitter any site out there isnt him please. Thank you!!

fyseanopry fyseanopry Said:

Oh wow that’s super sweet of you to correct that, thanks Shannon!! 

I hope I’m not wrong in assuming you really his little sister but I understand how involved and supportive you are to Sean and his career. Thank you so much for being so great.