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Tumblr looks way different now o__O so I’m a little shaky but here are just a couple of things!

- Sean looks a lot more meatier. This pleases me.
- He’s got IG and twitter now too eh
- I thought I outgrew him but nope
- Tons of new Sean O tumblrs, go follow them! They’re all quite lovely
- Hello to all the new seanophiles!
- And to all my old followers, I’ve missed you!

It’s been a while. How have y’all been?

Hi, I just went through the Fuck Yeah, Sean O’pry! followers  and began following other model fuckyeah tumblrs and peeps who I constantly see giving FuckYeahSeanOpry a lot of love. Also those who left a message in the inbox for a follow-back. You know who you are!

Feel free to ask for a follow back if 1) you are a model/fashion blog or 2) if you constantly like and reblog from us

The only time I will promote another tumblr is if it is a new model or fashion-oriented blog trying to build a fan base because I went around doing the exact something once upon a time.

Thanks. G.

I’m sorry there was a bit of a recess in the past few weeks but please do not pester me about a lull between posts or that Fuck Yeah Sean O’Pry isn’t as quick to post newer photos. If you feel you need to see the latest photos, there are many amazing tumblrs that are reliable to do just that, and very well too, including hpyroli and yellowasian. Check out the Fashionisto, as well. Being up to date is not top of my priorities because I find it quite redundant to see the same picture posted several times in the span of five hours. It’s always fun to re-introduce older works and photographs, I find.

Just to give y’all some background info about how this blog is run, I’m only one person who gains nothing but satisfaction in running this blog. Due to spending a lot of my time between school and work, I rely on queues to reblog photos via another tumblr or I queue up older photos I’ve saved from the past. That is what I do with the little time I have.

Thanks for understanding and again, sorry.

PS. Welcome to all the new followers! The gain in seanophiles is always a great thing to see when I find the time to log onto tumblr. You guys are so fuckin awesome.

Feed your friendly neighbourhood Seanophile by telling me your favourite piece of Sean work.

1. personal photos with family WILL NOT be posted (via facebook, myspace)

2. art work/fan work would be so kick ass. send, send, send!

3.  credit any artwork or fan photography please.

4. tell me how much you love Sean.

5. you must think Sean is awesome.

6. you must be awesome.

submit, submit, submit!

So for some reason I’ve gotten a hater or two, sending juvenile messages directed to me. From now on, I’m deleting everything and anything negative and unrelated to Sean.

Don’t pick a fight with me because there’s no point. The least you can do is tell me what your deal is, instead of calling me a bitch and a loser. I’m not impressed. It’s childish, rude, and completely unnecessary. 

Man up, anonymous. Put your energy in showing Sean some love, yeah?