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When was this tumblr created?
Around March/April 2010

What is your relation to Sean?
I have none dammit! 

Who is behind Fuck Yeah, Sean O’Pry! ? 
I’m just some chick who adores Sean O as a model and a human being. One day I just got tired of seeing Sean O tumblrs being made and then abandoned and thus Fuck Yeah Sean O’Pry was born. Here’s my food diary: diaryofaMADMAN

Why won’t you show us a picture of yourself?
It’s not really my thing. I’d rather keep this blog free from a personality

How did you come to like Sean O?
I really don’t remember how this one-sided love affair came to be. I became a fan of his work in 2007 (I was still in high school at the time), around the time he first began modelling. I read a lot of men’s fashion magazines for some reason and at the time I couldn’t tell one model from another until he began to appear in editorials and campaigns. It was the first time I was so drawn by a person’s face.

Why should I care about Sean?
I’ve had the privilege to see Sean transform from a clueless teenager to a handsome young man and I don’t know, I don’t think there are many models, or people in general, that have the personality that can keep people interested in them for so long. Even from an outsider’s view, you can just tell that he’s constantly working on himself as a person and he’s completely committed to his trade. 

I don’t know about you but to have staying power (and a strong head on his shoulders) in an industry that changes with the seasons, I think that’s worth celebrating.

Who is Sean O?
Who is.. Get out.

How old is Sean?
At the moment of updating this FAQ, he is 22. His birthday is July 5th, 1989

Does Sean have twitter?
He doesn’t have any social networking at all. Do not follow anybody under his name on twitter, facebook, myspace, or anything! If you need further assurance, here is the king himself via teevanity: click here!

Is Sean gay?

My least favorite thing is the perception that if you’re a male model, you either take your clothes off for everything, or you’re gay. And I mean, some people are and some people do, but I don’t like that perception. When you hear these perceptions (let’s say in a blog) when people who don’t even know you decide things about you, that’s the thing I don’t like.

Sean (Black Book Magazine)

Does he have a girlfriend/Is he still dating Diana Moldovan?
As far as the public is concerned, he is single and has been since separating from Diana over a year ago. 

Why doesn’t Sean shave/fix his hair?
He’s been very good with his hair lately, actually. He’s said in interviews that he’s a big fan of wearing caps though. As for his facial hair, sometimes it’s what a client wants for a certain look. He’s also a gentleman from the south and maybe he just doesn’t give a damn. 

How did he get involved with male modelling?
Nole Marin, best known from America’s Next Top Model, found him while hanging out on MySpace in 2006/2007 No joke.

Where is Sean from/Where does he live?
He’s from the city Kennesaw in the U.S. state Georgia - And he’s pretty damn proud of it! Several months ago he was given the key to the city by the mayor. He currently resides in New York City.

What is his ethnic background?
Technically, he’s American but he’s probably a mixed breed. O’Pry is an Irish last name, though, so there’s gotta be some Irish in there.

How tall is Sean/How much does he weigh?
I don’t know about how much he weighs but he is 6 ft. 1

How can I keep up to date with Sean’s work?
Models.com is quite reliable but I would recommend looking through his TFS (The Fashion Spot) thread. It’s updated daily!